For more than 20 years of our activity on the local market, Vesta Polska has taken many actions beyond the field of logistics. Since the launch of our Company, the mission of the Management of Vesta Polska has been not only to generate profits and improve the market share of the Company, but also to perform activities for the community, to improve the quality of life in our closest environment. Our policy is compliant with the definition provided in the reference standard PN-ISO 26 000 (CSR) stating that the company is responsible for the impact of its decisions on the society and environment and ensures the responsibility by transparent and ethical conduct, which:

  • contributes to sustainable development, including the well-being and health of the community;
  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders;
  • is compliant with binding legal regulations and consistent with international standards of conduct;
  • is integrated with the organisation’s activities and practiced in its relationships;
  • CSR is a wide notion, which encompasses several different initiatives or procedures.

Help for Healthcare Workers/Coronavirus

We provide disinfection agents and hygiene products for healthcare services. In this way, we help combat Covid-19.

Children’s Day

We organise an event for the Company’s employees and business partners to celebrate Children’s Day.

Students at Vesta!

Students from the FAMILIA Primary School in Brwinow visited our company.

Students at Vesta!

Students from the School Complex No. 128 in Warsaw visited our company.

Reduction of exhaust gas emission


litres of fuel

Vesta Polska as a responsible carrier has been placing great emphasis on reducing the harmful impact of the emission of exhaust gases since the start of the International Transport Department. Our vehicles meet the highest standard in this respect – Euro 6. The Transport Director, Mariusz Staniszewski, initiates trainings for drivers and dispatchers in order to reduce fuel consumption. In the By-Laws of the Company, the Transport Department is obliged to verify selected principles of eco-driving, including:

  • The influence of the way of accelerating the car on the emission of harmful substances and fuel consumption;
  • Reducing engine work during stops;
  • The influence of the rotational speed of the engine on the emission of exhaust gas and fuel consumption;
  • The influence of the way of braking on the emission of exhaust gas and fuel consumption;
  • The influence of the driving style on fuel consumption and the emission of exhaust gas.