Air transport

According to statistics, air transport is currently the safest way of transporting goods among all methods used by transport and logistics companies.

It enables fast delivery of goods on long distances and it is indispensable in international transport. Air transport of goods allows us to realise the most demanding orders. We deliver the goods on main commercial routes and to all other destinations and directions throughout the world. We guarantee fast delivery, constant monitoring, and the highest quality of service. Air transport of goods is carried out by regular passenger airplanes and cargo airplanes.

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Vesta Polska Logistics Company offers several variants of air transport of goods:

  • Door to door: the goods are collected at a specified location and delivered directly to the recipient;
  • From the sender’s warehouse to the airport of the recipient;
  • From the sender’s airport to the airport of the recipient;
  • From the sender’s airport to the warehouse of the recipient.

Air transport includes a wide range of services. Additionally, we provide forwarding and customs services, road transport of the delivery to the recipient, preparing and issuing the full set of documents required for customs clearance, support and assistance concerning alternative transport solutions, freight insurance, and storage of the goods.