Vesta Polska offers a service that consists in comprehensive packing finished products, preparing promotion sets, packages, and stands and labelling the goods. The services depend on the order. The service is often used to create thematic sets, in which, apart from selecting the appropriate products from the Customer’s offer, the packaging is also adjusted.

przesyłki wielkogabarytowe zagraniczne7

The wide range of services that we offer as part of the co-packing service includes:

  • packaging goods manually or automatically (depending on the type of goods),
  • repackaging and packaging products from collective package to individual packages,
  • changing formats of consumer units,
  • prepacking,
  • professional labelling of products,
  • creating e.g. promotional sets,
  • heat sealing of foil,
  • printing labels,
  • creating packaging designs,
  • creating display models,
  • stocking of stands,
  • working on open product,
  • packaging components into various formats of finished products.

The solutions are applied on an individual bases, depending on the properties of goods. The solutions are adapted to suit the requirements, needs, and expectations of our Customers. We accept co-packing orders from distributors, manufacturers, small, medium or large companies from various sectors.We create uniform packages or sets of various products, we add samples or freebies to the main products, we label the products according to the Customer’s requirements, and we prepare non-standard co-packing projects.