Fulfilment – logistic services for the e-commerce sector

What is Fulfilment?

The term means the logistics of purchases at an online store, i.e. outsourcing all processes related to packaging and forwarding online orders to an external operator. The services provided for e-commerce as part of the Fulfilment process may also include handling complaints and technical support. Outsourcing the logistic services means delegating the most time-consuming and tedious part of the operations. Moreover, it allows to achieve high scalability, as the operator is more flexible.

Fulfilment- who is it for?

The service is addressed to all businesses that need support in the logistics of purchases at an online store. Regardless of whether your company has an established position on the e-commerce market or whether these are your first steps in this sector, fulfilment is the perfect solution for business development. You can save time and money on storing, packaging, and delivering the goods. This facilitates the management of business and enables you to enter new markets in Europe without any additional costs. We provide the necessary consulting and logistic support at competitive prices.

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Fulfilment – benefits>

This is the best and simplest solution for any online store or marketplace. The Customer deals with the sales, and an operator, for example, Vesta Polska, handles the rest of the logistics and forwarding services: packaging and delivering goods, handling returns and complaints. Fulfilment is a cost-efficient solution for business that operate in the e-commerce model, because it allows them to transform the fixed overhead costs, for example the costs of storage, or costs of personnel into variable costs (or to avoid them completely). Depending on the needs, the range of logistic services for e-commerce may be expanded or reduced by modifying the leased space and using the operational capacity of Vesta Polska. This allows the store to be prepared for sudden peaks in sales, for example on Black Friday or before Christmas. If the demand for warehousing space increases, there will be no problems with storing the goods.

Fulfilment at Vesta Polska

Our role in our Customers’ business project is to deal with the whole process of handling orders, from the moment of purchase at the store to the delivery to the client’s door. Vesta Polska offers the Customers the possibility to order the realisation of the whole purchase logistics process or to select a specific range of services that the Customer wants to use, i.e.:Warehouse for online stores, adapted to store various types of goods,
Logistic services for e-commerce, including picking goods and their delivery in compliance with guidelines,
· Handling returns and contacting the Customers,
· Other additional services.

Outsourcing the logistic services means delegating the most time-consuming and tedious part of the operations. Moreover, it allows to achieve high scalability, as the operator, such as Vesta Polska, is more flexible.

Fulfilment – services for e-commerce

If you are unable to keep up with handling the growing number of orders, if the goods are stacked in your garage and living room, and soon they will enter the bedroom, it is worth looking for a partner such as Vesta Polska, who will provide professional fulfilment services. A well-selected operator and properly designed terms of cooperation will improve the effectiveness of processes and reduce the costs of logistic services for e-commerce i.e. of all these activities. Additionally, you may remain calm and stop worrying about random events, such as sudden failure of equipment. In such cases, the operator bears the costs of replacement and repair. You save some time that you can spend on marketing and searching for new markets or on rest and relaxation with your loved ones.