International transport

Vesta Polska Logistics Company offers international transport services: general cargo, oversized cargo and multimodal transport. We specialise in transporting palletised goods and deliveries to retail networks and distribution centres. We ensure the proper storage and appropriate temperature conditions, as well as constant monitoring of the cargo. Oversized cargo are those goods that exceed the specific criteria for the given means of transport. They may have gigantic dimensions and weigh even several tens of tons.

Vesta Polska arranges local and international transport of oversized cargo. We obtain the required permits and ensure temporary storage of goods in warehouses. One of the main reasons why our Customers are so satisfied with international transport services is the possibility to constantly monitor the realisation of an order.

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Vesta Polska Logistics Company also offers services of transporting goods with multiple means of transport. We use our extensive fleet, the network of contacts in Europe, the knowledge and experience of our employees, and excellent tools to plan multimodal transport to offer our Customers tailor-made solutions on an individual basis. The main advantages of these solutions are fast delivery, optimum parameters of the delivery, and competitive service costs.

We currently perform deliveries to: South-Eastern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America. Our international transport services include transporting oversized cargo, full truck loads and general cargo. We offer delivery of goods on the following Incoterms: EXW, SOB, CIF, DAP, and DDP. We guarantee the storage of goods on cross-docking sites as well as loading, unloading, and handling the goods as well as services in harbours. It is possible to transport the goods to the warehouse by road or rail transport.

International transport is in the fastest possible time and confirmed:
  • Comprehensive warehouse service – labeling of goods, palletizing and detection, as well as packaging and repackaging;
  • Consolidation solution within the system services for a single customer to support the internal network;
  • Warehousing of goods;
  • Customs service and forwarding;
  • Preparation of a set of accompanying documents and their quick return;
  • cargo insurance;
  • Monitoring

Vesta Polska specializes in international transport. It offers reliable transport services at the highest level. The offer includes comprehensive services in the field of international
forwarding, which are addressed to international manufacturers and trading companies.

Professional logistics services

The Vesta transport company professionally deals with each order at every stage of its implementation. It undertakes the execution of orders in a flexible manner and tailored to the client’s needs. Offers:

  • groupage transport,
  • transport of oversized cargo,
  • multimodal transport,
  • transport of palletized loads,
  • storage of goods,
  • load monitoring.

The company delivers the goods to the destination in perfect condition. It executes the order in the shortest possible time, adapting to the regulations
that apply in a given territory of the country.
Services are provided on the territory of a Member State of the European Union.

Vesta Polska delivers goods not only in Europe. Thanks to the use of air transport, the cargo can reach the farthest corners of the world.
The carrier delivers goods to the countries of Southeast Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, in accordance with the regulations in force in a given country.

Why is it worth choosing a Vesta Polska transport company?

The Vesta company has been dealing with international transport for many years. Many years of experience have allowed us to create an
effective customer service system covering various types of transport, such as sea, road, rail and air transport.
The company offers delivery of any cargo under Incoterms, which means that the entire process of transporting goods is
carried out in accordance with applicable rules.
The carrier comprehensively cares for its customers, which is why it deals with many issues, such as: logistics consulting, cargo customs clearance, consolidation unloading, preparation of documents, collection of cargo from the place of residence.

The company is thriving not only in international transport.
It also offers domestic transport to its customers. The carrier has its own fleet of trucks with spatial buildings. It operates professionally in road, rail, air and sea transport.