Oversized cargo

Vesta Polska arranges national and international transport of oversized cargo. We obtain the required permits and organise temporary storage of the goods in warehouses. Constant monitoring allows our Customers may monitor the course of the performed order on an ongoing basis.

The services of transporting oversized goods focus mainly on the transport of construction machinery and equipment, containers and drills, and power generation equipment, as well as relocating whole manufacturing plants from Western Europe to the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Transport of oversized cargo includes:

  • Local and international transport;
  • Storage of oversized goods;
  • Short time of delivery;
  • Customs services;
  • Handling in railroad terminals on the national border.

Due to large size and weight, the loads cannot be transported on traditional trailers.

Most popular oversized cargo:

Most common oversized cargo includes:

  • elements of manufacturing lines,
  • cars,
  • yachts,
  • construction and agricultural equipment,
  • containers and tanks,
  • tracked vehicles,
  • steel structures,
  • turbines.
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Delivery of oversized cargo – permits

In Poland, a permit is required to transport oversized cargo. The permits are divided into 7 categories, depending on the size of load. Most of them are issued by the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways for a period from one to 24 months. Everything depends on the exact size of the load and the type of road on which it will be transported. Permits for loads that significantly exceed the standard dimensions are issued for 14 or 30 days and apply only to previously specified routes.

How to transport oversized cargo?

The permit alone is not enough to transport oversized cargo. Apart from it, appropriate vehicles are required to enable the transportation and secure the load. Securing the load properly is the most important element. Usually, belts and chains are used. In order to enable it, the trailer should be equipped with the appropriate handles. Vehicles that are adapted to transporting specific machinery are also available, so that the vehicle may be perfectly suitable for the load. This enables maximum stability. Any protruding elements of the load should be marked appropriately.

Who should perform the transport?

Oversized goods are transported by specialist forwarding companies such as Vesta Polska. It is worth choosing an established and recommended transport company, to make sure that everything will go smoothly and in compliance with the law. Unfortunately, dishonest forwarding companies still operate on the market. Their low prices may conceal the lack of the required permits, violation of legal regulations and delays. In order to avoid unnecessary problems, it is worth devoting more time to analysing the offer and opinions about a forwarding company, so as to avoid the risk of losing reputation or Customers.

International transport of oversized cargo

If a transport has to cross the national border, it is necessary to know the legal regulations of the destination state. Definitions of oversized cargo may vary depending on the country. In some countries, additional permits may also be required. Choosing a specialist company will allow you to avoid problems with the transport and with the required documents.

What else is worth knowing about oversized cargo?

The road on which an oversized load will be transported must be checked thoroughly. As the load cannot be safely and smoothly transported in any conditions. If there are traffic limitations or low tunnels on the route, transport may become impossible.
For larger cargos, it is required that a qualified pilot should participate in the transport. Services of a pilot are most often used for transports that consist of a convoy of vehicles. The pilot drives first or last in the convoy. The main duty of the pilot is to ensure the safety and minimise all problems that may result from the transport of oversized goods.
Although the transport of oversize loads may seem difficult, a properly selected transport company and following the guidelines above make the project much easier.