Rail transport from and to China

We are constantly striving to improve and broaden the range of our services. We are developing our distribution and transport networks and starting cooperation with new Business Partners in order to offer the Customers of the Logistic Company Vesta comprehensive rail transport services also outside the European Union.

We have launched a new transport service on the China – Poland route, with the full range of forwarding services. We perform orders for the transport of goods from any location in China, including Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong to a railroad terminal in China.

Goods are transported from China by railway, in fast direct trains from Asia to Poland.

przewóz towarów po europie8

Transport of goods from China includes:

  • Comprehensive logistics and transport services;
  • Transport of general cargo and full container cargo with collection at the specified site and direct delivery to the recipient;
  • Storage, loading, and handling services;
  • Support in obtaining an export licence in China;
  • Customs services

Transporting goods from China by railroad takes from 13 to 16 days. This is the time from delivering cargo in China to the delivery to the station in Małaszewicze or Warsaw (the warehouse in Błonie).