Sea transport

According to estimations, as much as 75% of global trade of goods is transported by sea. Sea transport allows covering long distances, it is characterised by no limits to the structure of the loads, and easy access to key business centres throughout the world. We recommend using sea transport first of all to those Customers who focus first of all on the high level of transport security and who wish to transport a large quantity of goods. Sea transport is considered to be the safest in terms of the risk of damage to the cargo.

Vesta Polska Logistics Company focuses on partner relations in both European havens and havens in South-Eastern Asia. We guarantee the shortest possible times of delivery and maximum safety of goods.

Sea transport includes:

  • Local and international transport;
  • Transport of full container loads;
  • Additional road transport directly to the recipient;
  • Preparing the necessary documents;
  • Comprehensive handling of deliveries in terminals and harbours.

There is no denying that sea transport is currently one of the most popular ways of transporting goods. More and more suppliers decide to transport their products by sea. This is a well-tested method of transport, which ensures that our cargo will be delivered smoothly and in time and, even more importantly, at a good price.

Why is worth choosing sea transport?

Shipping goods is convenient for many companies, especially those that want to deliver their products to remote destinations. The choice of sea transport guarantees that the price for transport will not be excessive, as sea freight rates are one of the lowest fees.

Air transport may be even several times as expensive as transport by sea. Obviously, the goods will be delivered faster by air, but, if time is not an absolute priority, it is definitely worth considering sea transport. Moreover, transport by sea offers the possibility to carry several loads at the same time, so it is the perfect option if more containers have to be delivered simultaneously.

Therefore, the advantages of sea transport may certainly be tempting for many entrepreneurs who not only wish to transport their goods safely but also to save some money on the budget.

What types of goods may be transported by sea?

Sea transport offers a wide range of possibilities. We do not have to worry whether our cargo will fit on board of a plane or that it cannot be loaded on a railway carriage due to exceeded dimensions.

Sea transport offers numerous possibilities of transporting loads. Both full-container and part-container loads may be transported. Obviously, the first term refers to a container fully loaded with goods from one supplier. This is a good solution for suppliers who have very large quantities of goods to be delivered. However, smaller enterprises, which do not have as much cargo to transport, may use sea transport.

This is how it works: if the supplier company is unable to fill the whole container, it may decide to use so-called part-container load. This means that only part of the container is filled with goods from one supplier. As a result, goods from other suppliers may be packed in the same container. It allows reducing the costs for entrepreneurs who decide to transport a whole container but are unable to fill it. These types of loads are called general cargo.

Why is it worth choosing Vesta Polska?

Customers who decide to transport their cargo by sea should look for a tried and tested carrier who will handle the delivery of their goods in a quick and professional way.

Obviously, it is necessary to choose a company that has many years of experience in this type of transport, in order to avoid inconvenient situations when faced with potential problems.

Vesta Polska offers short times of delivery, so that Customers do not have to worry about the long time between sending their products and delivering them to the recipient. Moreover, choosing Vesta Polska guarantees that the goods will be delivered in the same condition as they were sent, because we guarantee full security of the cargo.

This means no more worrying about transport organisation and about whether the goods will be delivered in a perfect condition! It is enough to entrust the sea transport to Vesta Polska, who will deal with professional delivery!