Storage of pallets near Warsaw

Vesta Polska offers a wide range of services related to warehousing logistics. Since the beginning of our operations in Poland, the storage of pallets has been a key element of our comprehensive approach to our Customers.

  • Parameters of Vesta Polska warehouses
  • Class A warehouse
  • Storage space – 26 600 m3 ;
  • Warehouse height – 12m;
  • High-bay racks that comply with all occupational safety and hygiene standards;
  • Two-shift work system;

Warehousing offer of Vesta Polska

  • Possibility to connect the Customer to the warehouse management system;
  • Reporting the mobility of goods in the warehouse; reporting the stock, in particular reporting the quantity and quality of goods stored in the warehouse;
  • Palletising of goods;
  • Realisation of orders at all levels of complexity;
  • Taking comprehensive and partial inventory;
  • Preparing transport documents;
  • Transport;
  • Unloading/loading (handling);
  • warehousing and storage of goods;
  • Cross docking of goods;
  • Packaging and co-packing;
  • Picking goods;
  • Labelling goods;
  • management of returnable packaging;
  • Quality control of goods;
  • Storage of goods in warehouses and bonded warehouses;
  • Supervision of customs agents;
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Our warehouses are situated in the vicinity of the capital city of Poland, so that they can cooperate and provide support for Customers from the Masovian Voivodeship. The storage of pallets near Warsawalso results from the strategic decisions of companies that have their headquarters nearby.

  • Błonie near Warsaw
  • Additional warehousing space in Płońsk and Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Automation and the WMS system

Thanks to the WMS (Warehouse Management System) and modern equipment installed in our warehouses, all the logistic operations conducted at our warehouses run smoothly.

  • The goods are recorded in the WMS management system.
  • The WMS system is integrated with the IT systems of the Customer, who may monitor the stock of their companies and the level of inventory on an ongoing basis.
  • The goods are fully protected from moisture, fire, theft, and pests.
  • Best before dates and batch numbers are monitored on an ongoing basis and the realised orders are archived.

Automated fire protection systems

At the warehouses of Vesta Polska, the stored pallets are fully protected from fire by automated systems.

Monitoring and theft protection

All-day-long protection against theft, CCTV supervision, and controlled access to the building.

Full control over the goods

Constant, direct access to information about stock levels through system integration.

Warehousing logistics for online stores

Logistics is becoming increasingly important in the e-commerce sector is as it is an area that builds competitive advantage. It focuses on more than just the storage of pallets. The quality of logistic services may either attract new Customers and develop their loyalty or discourage them from using the given service.
Vesta Polska provides services for small and medium online stores. We provide warehousing space, online access to the WMS system to manage operations and stock levels, delivery packaging, and employees who perform all works at the warehouse. A dedicated supervisor monitors the flow of communication with the Customer and the flow of operations.

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